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Maya Avram

fashion writer and creative director

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An enthusiastic fashion journalist and image maker, I have been working as a staff and freelance writer for three years now, interviewing and reporting about the people and cultures that make up our industry across the world.

Since graduating from the Fashion Journalism master's programme at London College of Fashion, I have been featured in esteemed publications including The Business of Fashion, ZOO Magazine and CORQ, among others.

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Featured Articles

A Force to be Reckoned With

What motivates Goursaud is her wish to deliver stories that are human, relatable and touch upon viewers’ innermost thoughts and feelings. According to her, this means performing characters who are perhaps flawed, or find themselves in unfavourable situations, but nevertheless do not lose their sense of resourcefulness and always step up to the challenge. I sat down with Goursaud to talk about her work, what it was like gaining international fame, the life lessons she’s learnt throughout her career and most interestingly, what’s next for her.

How To Carve Out Space for African Talent in Fashion

The fashion and luxury industry is always looking to expand into new markets, with China, India and Africa often regarded as its new frontiers. Focusing on the latter, UNESCO, the United Nations agency specialising in international cooperation through education, arts, sciences and culture, released its inaugural report at the start of Lagos Fashion Week — “The Fashion Sector in Africa: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Growth”.